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Mozilla Firefox settings

Show adressbar in popup windows
The Mozilla Firefox sadly doesn't show the address bar in pop-up windows. Now you can change this so you can copy the address afterwards and for example block it in the hosts file.

Disable sending Referer header
Like every other browser the Firefox sends the name of the last visited page to the new one when clicking on a link. For example if you click on a search result in Google the site you are visiting will be able to know you came from Google and which keywords you have used. Whoever wants some more anonymity should disable this! CAREFUL! - Disabling the Referrer might cause problems with some download-archives who use the Referrer to track whether you are allowed to download a file or not!

Disable Monster-Cookie
Since Version 2 Mozilla implemented a new technology referred to as Super-Cookie by Heise. A normal cookie allows to store 4KB of data on your computer. However the new Super-Cookie allows unlimited storage which enables more comprehensive observation of you. You should really disable this one.

Disable ping-links
Firefox above version 1.6 has an ugly feature implemented which sends a ping when clicking on specific links. This can be used to track your surf-behaviour more easily and creates unnecessary traffic. You should absolutely disable this function.

Set User-Agent to "Mozilla/5.0"
Every browser sends its name to every website you visit. Firefox actually sends to much data like the creation date. CAREFUL! Some websites might not work anymore because of this User-Agent thinking that it's an old version!