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Internet Explorer settings

Disable ActiveX
ActiveX is used for various plugins e.g. Flash. However also by viruses or dialers who install in background and call expensive 0190 calls. ActiveX should absolutely be disabled. Sadly you will notice that many websites won't work anymore. That is why you should use an other browser e.g. Mozilla Firefox which supports Flash without insecure additions!

Disable Autofill forms
All data you enter in forms (also passwords) are being saved and can then be automatically entered again if you don't disable this

Disable planned Updates
Already planned updates for the Internet Explorer can be disabled here.

Disable internal authentication
The Internet Explorer uses the Windows integrated \"Kerberos-Authentication\". If you don't need it you can disable this here.

Disable ITS protocol handler
There has been reported a security vulnerability in the ITS protocol that could lead to remote code execution. For security reasons you should disable it, and hey you don't really need it.

Disable JavaScript
JavaScript is used for small scripts e.g. games, calculators however also pop-ups and other stupid advertisements and phishing attacks. If you can miss this feature please disable it.

Don't check for updates
The update functions really makes sense but it's really getting on my nerves when I'm supposed to download updates for 100 different programs. You also can get the updates for the Internet Explorer at Windows Update so you can just disable this function.

Delete Spyware Alexa
The Internet Explorer contains a component that belongs to the spyware Alexa. Microsoft recommends to delete this entry.

Clear Temporary Files on exit
When you're surfing on the Internet the websites you visit are being saved temporarily (forever) on your computer. These data is just trash and could allow other users to reconstruct your surfing history. You should let it be deleted automatically.