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Media-Player settings

Disable automatic update
The update functions really makes sense but it's really getting on my nerves when I'm supposed to download updates for 100 different programs. You also can get the updates for the Windows Media Player at Windows Update so you can just disable this function.

Disable automatic download of codecs
The Windows Media Player automatically tries to download the necessary codec for a unknown media file when you open it. If you want to download the codec manually without Microsoft noticing it you should disable this.

Allow uninstall
By default there is no uninstall for the integrated Windows Media Player. Here you can unlock this option.

Disable GUID
Every computer gets assigned an GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) by Microsoft which enables everyone to identify your computer. This ID will be sent to every website containing MIME content! The GUID might be needed for DRM-protected content (avoid DRM content!)

Disable history
The history is saving website URLs opened with Windows Media Player. With a look at it you see what music or video someone has opened in the web. You should disable it since it's just waste of time and space.

Don't execute HTML scripts with media-files
HTML files and embedded scripts in them can be a serious danger for your computer because the used Internet Explorer engine is very insecure. However you should not use the Windows Media Player for browsing but a real web browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox)

Disable auto-download of metadata
When you play a music-CD an ID of the disc gets sent to Microsoft and they try to determine the artist and song titles for you.

Disable automatic license aquisition
For playing DRM protected media content the Windows Media Player requires a license. This will be acquired automatically. While doing this a unique ID identifying your computer will be sent. If you don't want this to happen you should disable it here and never use DRM protected content.

Disable media library
The media-library indexes ever multimedia file on your computer. That might be useful for really huge archives but in my eyes this is completely senseless feature.

Disable sending usage reports
The Windows Media Player automatically collects data about your hardware configuration and about how you use the player. This data is collected "anonymously" by Microsoft.