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Security & Privacy Complete 3.0 comes back to its roots after 3 years of
developement, and now again works completely withouth .NET Framework !.
Clear advantage: the tool can be used directly after a new installation
without having to install other software real standalone!

-protects agains viruses, worms and malicious code by disabling unsecure operating system components
-protects against hackers and script-kiddies
-protection agains unknown vunlerabilites (0day protection)
-nearly 100 functions to secure Windows XP, Media Player, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox...
-full control over Windows Update: only enable and run it on monthly patch-day
-integrated trace-deleter erases traces of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Flash Player,
 the DNS Cache, and some other entries from the registry.

please: only use free open source software and keep it up to date.

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Windows XP is a trade mark of Microsoft. every brand and trade mark and product name belongs to it's owner!